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Material: 100% polyurethane coated polyester.


  • Waterproof fabric.
  • Easy care fabric.
  • Adjustable tear release closure on back of neck.
  • Fabric hang tag.
  • Width 123cm.
  • Length 145cm.
  • Industrial laundry 85°C. (embroidery only)
  • Domestic wash 60°C. (embroidery only)
  • Weight: 110 gsm


Small Embroidery Max Size - 80mm x 80mm (upto 3 colours & 8000 stiches).

Print Max Size - 80mm x 80mm (upto 3 colours).

Large Embroidery Max Size - 280mm x 180mm (upto 3 colours & 25,000 stiches).

Large Print Max Size - 210mm x 297mm (upto 3 colours).


Premier Waterproof Salon Gown

SKU: PR116
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